05 March, 2016


I am back!

After a long hiatus here I am with my short write-up...

Since this is the first post in 2016 I thought it would be prudent to start with changes in 2016.

Well nothing much has changed in terms of personal or professional life. But...

A group of dedicated professionals are constantly monitoring the world over for subtle evidences in Diabetes which would make the quality of life better!

Yes...... I am talking about the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

This year the American Diabetes Association has focussed on preventive aspects – Prevention of Diabetes, Prevention of cardiovascular complications due to elevated blood cholesterols.

Here are the crux points which we need to consider 

Luckily i came to know that Government of India in view of the impact of Diabetes is planning to prepare its own guidelines. 

This is a welcome measure from the health ministry & GOI. 

I wish it clears all official hurdles  and Indian Guidelines for Management of Diabetes is released soon.