18 June, 2017


There has always been a search for better... With the advent of newer drugs this search for better drugs has taken a positive turn. In the recent years the trend of management of Diabetes has been more optimistic and sophisticated. We want to prescribe drugs with multiple function. The aim of Diabetes management has always been to attain the Golden number – HbA1c <7. Along with this if a drug can minimise or tackle the development of comorbidities it is like getting double increment at one shot. The life expectancy of people with Diabetes has gone up which is a welcome change. Along with the increased duration of diabetes comes increase in rate of comorbidities like Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, other endocrine abnormalities to mention a few. Right from the day metformin was introduced along with sulphonylureas they have ruled Diabetes management as uncrowned kings.