Article : Painless Insulin Delivery Systems

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In this article I have explained in detail the Insulin Pump. Insulin pump is a boon to people who are forced to take multiple doses of insulin (Type -1) to manage the blood sugars. Modern day Insulin pumps allow you to be more flexible and are designed keeping in mind our day to day activities. This article made its way to #DiabetesHealth magazine. Diabetes health magazine is published bimonthly and concentrates on every aspect of #diabetes keeping in line with Indian trends, eating habits and culture. This article also had an expert comment mentioning about "Bionic Pancreas" . In simple ways Bionic pancreas uses both insulin and glucagon to balance the sugar levels. Bionic Pancreas is still in infancy as far as research is concerned but the initial results have been very promising. Hope to see it soon in India


It all started on a very sunny day in “God’s own Country”. I was an amateur blogger with mere 3 years of blogging. Blogging was giving me immense pleasure. The ability to spread my knowledge to the much needed community easily was ecstatic. Next thing that popped in my mind- Is this enough? I wanted to expand, but for a newbie like me chances are less. At this juncture I stumbled upon the online magazine #TamarindRice. 
There is another side of  “ God’s own Country” -  The hectic pace of life, Poorly planned roads, innumerable roadside eateries, abundance of #Tapioca and very less area where people can actually walk and an ever growing number of people affected by #Diabetes. So I started my write up on how to plan the exercise regimen and how to get the best out it. This write up was published with the title “STEP IN TIME”

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