16 May, 2010

Metformin - Corner stone of Type2 Diabetes

The main use for Metformin is in the treatment of Type2 Diabetes, especially in overweight people. Metformin is absorbed from the Small Intestine. Half life of Metformin is around 4-6hours. Oral bioavailablity is around 50-60%. Metformin is excreted unchanged via kidneys

Advantages of Metformin

.For Blood Sugar Control
.HbA1c reduction expected with metformin is approximately 1-2%
.Weight Loss ( Due to its insulin sparing effect)
.Increases Body's sensitivity to insulin ( decreases insulin resistance)
.Useful in females with Polycystic ovaries
.Facilitates normal mensturation and successful pregnancy
.Reduces Triglyceride and Free Fatty Acids level

Dose of Metformin ranges from 250mg - 3000mg/day

Side Effects of Metformin

-Lactic Acidosis ( Rare )

When to Avoid Metformin

.Renal Failure
.Hepatic Failure
.Cardiac Failure
.Respiratory Failure
.Alcohol Abuse
.During Contrast Radiological Procedures


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