16 August, 2010

Bromocriptine & Type 2 Diabetes

Bromocriptine (Parlodel, Cycloset), an ergoline derivative, is a dopamine agonist that is used in the treatment of pituitary tumors, Parkinson's disease (PD), Hyperprolactinaemia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.


Amenorrhea, female infertility, galactorrhea, hypogonadism, and acromegaly may all be caused by pituitary problems, such as hyperprolactinaemia, and therefore, these problems may be treated by this drug. In 2009, bromocriptine mesylate was approved by the FDA for treatment of type 2 diabetes under the trade name Cycloset (VeroScience). It is currently unknown how this drug improves glycemic control, but it has been shown to reduce HbA1c by ~0.5%.

Side effects

Most frequent side effects are nausea, orthostatic hypotension, headaches and vomiting through stimulation of the brainstem vomiting centre.
Bromocriptine can cause worsening of liver problems.
Vasospasms with serious consequences such as myocardial infarction and strong have been reported in connection with the puerperium, appears to be extremely rare event.
Bromocriptine use has been anecdotically associated with causing or worsening psychotic symptoms (its mechanism is in opposition of most antipsychotics, whose mechanisms generally block dopamine).
Pulmonary fibrosis has been reported when bromocriptine was used in high doses for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.


  1. You could have mentioned a little more in relation to Diabetes.We generally forget the neurogenic path way in the insulin secretion.
    No experience so far... I may do a Phase 4 study on it.will tell you the results unofficially.


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