21 October, 2012


How did the term ‘Quack’ come into existence?
‘Quack’ is the German word for mercury or quicksilver (quacksalber) The term was applied to Paracelsus, a Swiss physician & alchemist and his followers because of their extensive use of this metal. Originally the word quack was applied to those who poisoned their patients with mercury.

Who is a ‘Quack’?
In modern times, quack refers to, “A person who does not have knowledge of a particular system of medicine but practices in that system and a mere pretender of medical knowledge or skills.”(Supreme Court of India)

Are we all doing enough to curb this deep rooted problem?? There have been raids on clinics and many quacks have been booked... but within a short span of time that quack opens the clinic in the same place and patients still go to him... how does this work?? Are people so dumb...?? or does he heal with magical powers??

here are the articles regarding quacks in Times of India

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