06 November, 2012


Hi all

I was debating in my mind for the past few days if this post is necessary . Finally i decided!! It is my duty to convey my thanks to the website and people behind it. This website has given my blog some meaning.

                I completed my UG in 2005 and joined a tertiary care centre in the department of General Surgery. I had an opportunity to treat various kinds of Diabetic wounds. This continued for nearly 3 years. In this period i was able to understand the basic problem responsible for the wounds- its none other than the patient himself! With life long medication, meaningless restrictions, lack of understanding of the disease and lack of proper counselling all contribute to Diabetic wounds and also other complications of Diabetes. What little can i do to stop it? Only option that came to my mind was that i need to specialize in Diabetes treatment so that i can do something more on the preventive aspects.

                I was lucky enough to get placement in one of chennai’s best diabetology hospitals.  While working in this esteemed institution i completed my Post Graduation in Diabetes. Now i had the knowledge & experience to treat Diabetes but i wanted to cover a much larger segment of the society. How do i do it?

Run camps?

Conduct CME?

Mail everybody?

Keep talking to patient and his family?

These are good but not practically effective so i wanted to harness the power of internet. Wanted more people to listen and read about diabetes, have better understanding... result of this small desire – www.riyazsheena.blogspot.com i started posting like crazy. Few people visited my site.. only Few people!! Hey that was not the idea... this number of people i could have covered in my clinic... why waste time on internet....slowly my frequency of posts dropped.... this lead to lesser number of people peeping into my blog.. page clicks dropped to single digits!!

Nobody is interested in Diabetes!

Nobody knows my blog!

Nobody knows i exist!

At this point of time when i was nearly about to stop posting in my blog my dear friend Dr.Roshan Radhakrishnan who is a avid blogger himself introduced me to www.indiblogger.in from the time i entered this wonderful website everything was easy

Creating an i.d – easy

Attaching my blog – easy

Popularising my posts – easy

Getting people to read my blog – easy

Now my page clicks have increased. More people are visiting my blog. Many people are reading and commenting on my posts.. so.... the purpose of creating this blog is complete!

Thanks Indiblogger!!


  1. cheers to many more imformative posts and public awareness :)

  2. Thank you for the post Riyaz, we're glad IndiBlogger has been beneficial to you! :-)

  3. By the way, it's IndiBlogger.in, not .com! :-)

    1. yes renie.... i realised my mistake.. i have corrected it to www.indiblogger.in

  4. I wonder why Google has brought me here as I was searching for actos lawsuit. It could have been the 'diabetic wounds' you've mentioned. Anyway, you have a great post and as a diabetic patient, I'm glad you have had opportunities to take care of people like me.

  5. hi tim...
    its been a pleasure for me to interact with diabetic patients and to understand the syndrome better... thanks for your appreciation.


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