27 December, 2012


There are instances when the doctors prescribe mixed insulins.
Nowadays insulins are available in premixed forms like 30:70 , 50:50, 70:30 but these insulins are slightly costly.
Some patients still prefer to buy short acting and intermediate acting insulins separately and mix them before injecting.
Here is the methodology for mixing insulins
  1. Draw air into syringe in an amount corresponding to the prescribed dose of cloudy insulin and inject it into cloudy insulin bottle. DO NOT DRAW INSULIN. Pull out the syringe.
  2. Draw air into the syringe in an amount corresponding to the prescribed amount of clear insulin. Inject the air into the clear insulin bottle and invert the bottle and draw the required amount of clear insulin.
  3. Now insert the needle into the cloudy insulin bottle and draw exactly the required amount of insulin. 
  4. pull out the needle. Now your insulin is ready for use.
If by mistake you have drawn too much of cloudy insulin you cannot correct the mistake. Discard the insulin and start over the procedure again. do not try injecting back this mixture into cloudy insulin bottle. The concentration of insulin will change leading to Incorrect dosing and sometimes life threatening complications.

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