03 May, 2011

Liposuction - Do we lose or gain??

A new study has revealed that the fat removed by liposuction returns and gets “redistributed upstairs” – around the shoulders, arms and upper abdomen after a year.
Rudolph Leibel, an obesity researcher at the University of Columbia, told the New York Times that the body controls the number of fat cells as carefully as it controls the amount of fat. When a fat cell dies, it grows a new one to replace it.
Liposuction, however, surgically destroys the fishnet structure under the skin, which may be why the fat cells don’t regrow in the place from which they were removed. The body compensates for their loss by growing fat cells in other areas.
“It’s another chapter in the ‘You can’t fool Mother Nature’ story,” Leibel said.
The study involved 32 women aged in their midthirties and of average weight. Under half (14) had a small amount of fat removed by liposuction from hips and thighs, while the remainder (18) acted as controls.
Identical measurements of all the women were carried out at six weeks, six months and a year, which revealed how the body “defends” its fat.
After six weeks the treated patients had lost 2.1% of their fat, compared to 0.28% in the control group, but this difference had disappeared at one year.
Though the women’s thighs remained thinner after a year, the missing fat had found its way back to their stomachs. The study was recently published in the journal Obesity.
courtesy - TOI

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  1. After Liposuction If we want lose our weight then It's good. In any event, as wonderful as liposuction is to improving your silhouette and body.



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