21 June, 2010

Pedicure in diabetics!

Soak your feet into your little foot basin containing warm, soapy water or a disinfectant for sore feet.
After 15 minutes, gently brush nails with a nail brush.
Use a pumice stone to rub off dead skin and smoothen heels. A gentle to and from movement helps to scrub off dead cells.
Blot dry excess water from feet and between your toes.
Trim your nails using scissors or nail clipper. Cut it straight across.
Use an emery board or nail file to file nails. Avoid filing the sides of nails as it will lead to ingrown toe nails.
Use a little cuticle cream to ease back cuticles steadily and very gently. Do not cut cuticles as toe nails require them for protection. Just loosen cuticle and push back gently.
A damp cotton wool covered orange stick helps to clean undernails.
Massage in a rich cream or moisturizing lotion.
Give your feet a relaxing massage using long sweeping movements.

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  1. The method which is been mentioned is the safe one. Ladies might prefer doing it at a beauty parlour. But they use several sharp instruments(personal experience), where an accidental injury may go to an extent of an amputation.
    One point note worthy is that the cream shouldn't be applied between the toes.It might create a moist environment for fungal growth. It has to be kept dry always.


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