18 June, 2010

Thanks Dr.deepa

I would like to thank Dr.Deepa (Diabetologist) for her sincere support. Right from the day I started this blog she has spared a bit of her valuble time to go through the posts in my blog and comment about each and every post. I would like to post a small part of her comments which might be useful to the readers of this blog.

Comments about Otelixizumab

This Drug is effective only if there is some beta cell reserve in the body and only if are known to have some autoantibody. Otherwise no use. This has created an excitement in the type 1 children, which actually might not be useful unless they have a significant c peptide level. Pts having a subnormal reserve of insulin can also be tried on this drug as there are other benefits in retaining the existing B-cells.

Comments about Glucometer

Actually the first blood should be wiped off and only the second drop should be taken without squeezing much. Because the first drop contains more of interstitial fluid more than blood. Most of them forget this pt.

Comment about Alcohol & Diabetes

The reason for using calorie free drink mixers is that, by adding soft drinks, the glucose in it can actually trigger insulin release and worsen the anticipated hypoglycemia. Since there is no calorie in alcohol the insulin release cannot be neutralized. The reason why pt develop hypo after taking alcohol is that it suppresses HGO (Hepatic Glucose Output).And most of the pts skip the food after taking alcohol, so the condition is even more worse.

Once again I would like to thank Dr.Deepa for her comments and hope that her support for my blog will continue in future too!!

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  1. Dear Dr.Riyaz,
    Thank you for those kind words. Your blog has definetly been useful to me. I have learnt a lot.I should thank you for giving me this oppurtunity to discuss scientific information on Diabetes.
    Will continue to support.



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