14 August, 2014


New member of the squad against Diabetes!


Canagliflozin is a newest member in treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. This drug can be used as adjuvant to Diet & Exercise.

Canagliflozin inhibits Sodium Glucose Transport protein Sub type 2. This protein is responsible for reabsoption of sugar in the kidneys.

By stopping the activity of Sodium Glucose Transport Protein -2 (SGLT-2) will result in loss of glucose in urine. Canagliflozin can help lose about 80-120mg/dl sugar. Additional benefits are better control of Hypertension due to osmotic diuresis and weight loss. 

Half life of Canagliflozin is upto 12hours, Hence a twice daily dosage is preferred.

Canagliflozin comes in  the strengths of 50mg and 150mg

A recent welcome addition is introduction of Invokamet (Canagliflozin + Metformin)

The available combinations are 

Canagliflozin 50 mg + Metformin 500mg
Canagliglozin 50mg + Metformin 1000mg
Canagliflozin 150 mg + Metformin 500mg
Canagliglozin 150mg + Metformin 1000mg

Since most of our patients require twice daily metformin this combination will help give better sugar control. 1 Tablet with advantage of two drugs. 
This drug may help patients attain a better control of blood sugars.
Chances of hypoglycemia are relatively less

This Drug cannot be used in patients with Renal failure, Hypotension and Type 1 Diabetes!

Some patients ( ~5%) may experience the side effects like Female genital mycotic infections, Urinary tract infections and increased urination.

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This drug being marketed by Johnson & Johnson is expected to come to India soon.

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Dr.Riyaz Sheriff
R.S. Clinic

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